Hat Trick


Graybocks Animated Productions

Target / Audience

Kids 4-6 years


12 x 2 min in HD 3D animation

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Hat Trick is a funny story of two brothers, who are going to embark on a great adventure in an unknown town, where they will meet funny and scary ghosts with hats like the little Mike. And different magical powers too. Gary and Ariana will have to find each one, but there is a Threshold that contains the Door with the 12 energies.


Gary and Ariana are two brothers who are late for the birthday party of his mom, the problem is that they run out of gas in a mysterious town and hey can´t escape from there, they will have to use their hability to escape from naughty ghosts.
A powerful ghost named Big Sam is planning invade the world from the shadows, but a couple of brothers are left stranded in their lonely town and are trapped by a dome of energy that does not let them out, with the help of Mike a friendly ghost, they will have to find a way to escape and save the world.


This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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