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Andy is an impatient and very creative teenager. His parents are pressuring him to go work with them in the boring family business, but Andy doesn’t want to, he dreads the idea of working in a routine and boring job the rest of his life. With Leo, his easily distracted best friend, they try to find what they want to be in life, to come up with the perfect idea that will make them famous and avoid their dreary fate.

With the help of the internet, technology, and their creativity they try everything: from Youtube tutorials, being hip hop stars, making video games, and even ice cream photography. They are the perfect entrepreneurs, each day trying something new, failing, but never getting discouraged. Of course, along the way they will get distracted, meet new people, and go on crazy fun adventures together. Some other friends will join them on their adventures, one of them is Mel, with her cool and sarcastic exterior but very nerdy interior.



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