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Drugs, love, vengeance. Three different points of view, only one certainty, death.


Neon Red tells the story of Sid a gang member who´s only known family gets killed in a failed drug transaction, Dan and Joseph a pair of cops who got so close to incriminate the ones responsible for so much despair in their city, that ended up losing more than they could manage and The Rotten King a weird ass drug lord, with one paper crown, one sword and no fucks to give to anybody. All of this in an 80´s raunchy, action packed Neo-Noir, trippy miniseries.

Since a long time, The Rotten King have been messing with lots of families, cops, gangs, kids and everyone in between, Ziggy, one of his closest members is noticing all the bad stuff they´ve provide to their own city and want out, Dan and Joseph are following all the leads that could take them to finally incriminate The Rotten King and all his stooges, and Sid and his gang are getting too dangerously close to the Rotten Pack, but someone needs to stop all this madness for good.

Status: Preproduction

Part of the proposal we bring to the table, is to have one continuous storyline, watching it form three different views, a Neon one, brighter in colors because of the intensity the characters have and changing constantly the palette so much as the mind of the characters on it. A Noir-esque view, of two guys trying to figure out something so dark they might not like what is in front of them. A trippy view, of a guy so lost in his thoughts and mind he will want to get out of there as soon as possible. And at the end, having one episode to bring all the views to one and only overall view.


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