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Action , Adventure

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Early in development



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Sophie wants to get her dad back home, but in the process, she may save more than just her family.

Back Home tells the story of Dr. Abraham, a scientist, so passionate about his work that he gets involved in a series of adventures and events, and how Sophie, his daughter has to overcome a lot of obstacles to get him back home.

A long time ago, Dr. Abraham created a machine that let him go through another dimension and discovered a whole new kingdom. This kingdom is divided in 8 regions, each with its own problems. So he created 8 artifacts that help each region. When a powerful entity found out, he tried to use the artifacts for his own purposes. The only problem is that he needs the power of the Sapphire of Courage to use them correctly, this Sapphire is attached to Sophie’s beloved companion, a friendly fox called…well…his name is just Fox. Either way, the mad entity found the way to mess them up anyways and twisted every region in the kingdom. Now, Sophie, will need to save her dad and in the process she will help all the regions as much as she can.


Dr. Abraham is a scientist, engineer, explorer, husband and father of two, when in one of his experiments he discovers a new world he starts to investigate more and more, to the point of getting so invest on it that he starts developing some artifacts that helps every region of this new world, but this artefacts doesn´t work just to help the regions, as they are really powerful and could be a huge problem if they get in the wrong hands.

When Dr. Abraham gets lost, is in the hands of Sophie, his older daughter, to get her dad back home, but in the process she will make a lot of friends, like Fox, an enhanced fox with a lot of experience in fighting, that will help her until she gets her dad back.

In some cases the artifacts will be so powerful that a complete region could be twisted by its power, so our heroes will work together until everyone is safe, but as in real life, sometimes they may not be able to help the towns around this world.




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