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Come meet our assorted cast of animal children who live deep in the jungle of Costa Rica with old Yaba the tree. Yaba is unique in that he physically changes his colours and appearance to reflect the emotions of others. Our primary cast of four adorable animals learn to understand and manage their own emotions by listening to Yaba’s stories and undertaking their own adventures within the amazingly beautiful diversity of their Jungle House.

There are many early-childhood education tools designed to help children identify colors, numbers, shapes and letters, but learning to identify and manage their feelings is an equally important focus. Our series follows the growing up adventures of Jax, Kiki, Tugo and Zally who set out to discover themselves and each other with a little help from their friend Yaba the tree. A preschool comedy that celebrates the diversity of life within their exotic Costa Rica jungle home, with the goal of helping children to understand and process their vast palette of emotions.



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